Lies The Author Told You

Look. I wanted to love this book. In fact I didn’t even finish it before I began raving about it. However, pages 181 and 302 are a problem! While the title of the book and hype around the author declare him a truth teller, there are still lies within the pages.

The author’s suppressed, undealt with #whitesupremacy reared it’s ugly head on page 181. This is where James Loewen wants to persuade readers that Lincoln was “a good guy who loved black people” and that black nationalist are purposely leaving out the last line of Lincoln’s 1862 letter to Horace Greenly ruin Lincoln’s legacy.

Well, while we were visiting the Lincoln Memorial in April we saw this…

(Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley August 22, 1862)

…in the museum underneath the Lincoln Memorial

Even the NATION’S CAPITAL left out the last sentence! Maybe because it doesn’t matter. He said what he said and one more sentence doesn’t change a thing. In fact the History Channel has WAY BETTER facts then that famous letter. Link below⬇️⬇️⬇️


Then there is p. 302 where he disses Afrocentricity and NEVER defines it.

This is a gross prejudicial assumption that seeks to define & demonize African intellectual history. The author was comfortable sharing quotes from those who denounce Afrocentricity, but failed to seek a true definition from African scholars who have spent decades researching, teaching and even starting PHD programs in the growing field.

Afrocentricity, Africology, African American Studies, etc. all seek to tell the WHOLE STORY; Centering the marginalized and sharing the truth, beauty, wisdom, experiences, shortcomings, accomplishments, and yes, even the downfalls of our history.

James Loewen’s views are one of many reasons why African scholars are important. Superiority likes to define who you are, decide what you should do and discourage any further research.

Peace & Love,

Black Worldschoolers™️

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Black Worldschoolers™️: It’s More Than Travel

Three months ago today I started this blog, joined Instagram decided we were #blackworldschoolers. Since then we’ve received TONS of love, support and amazing followers! THANK YOU!

We also receive lots of questions and comments ranging from “What are your travel plans?”, or “We wish we had travel plans!” Yes, we have MODEST travel plans. Two domestic and one International experience each year making Africa/African Diaspora priority.

Let me tell you secret though…

Let me say it again. YOU DON’T NEED A PASSPORT to be a Black Worldschooler! In fact, you may already BE a Black Worldschooler and don’t even know it!

When we were completing our final year in the school system and preparing for this journey , we promised not to FORGET about the black children who may never have the option to #homeschool.

We are dedicated to advocating for children who are inside the classrooms and outside the curriculum. They are why this blog even exist. We hope you will remember them as well.

Bottom line, you can be in school, unschooled, homeschooled and still be #blackworldschoolers. Being #blackworldschoolers is less about where we travel and more about how we see ourselves in the world.

We believe centering the wisdom, truth, experiences, achievements, and beauty of Africans and those throughout the African Diaspora can have a unbelievably powerful impact on black children around the globe.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self love, cultural appreciation, and black liberation.

The Founding Fathers Fantasy

I loved every moment of our short trip to Philly, but the site where we spent the most time was The President’s House. The President’s House was a memorial site sharing the story of nine enslaved Africans owned by the 1st U.S. president, George Washington.

The story of Oney Judge struck us the most.

It wasn’t just her escape to freedom that caught our attention, but it was the aggressive efforts of George Washington. He ordered the Secretary of the Treasury, other prominent leaders, and slave catchers to capture Oney and her newborn by force if necessary.


“Mommy my head hurts really bad.” That’s what my then 5 year old said as he was asked to sit in front of the painting below and discuss all the “great” attributes of George Washington.

I rarely missed a field trip, and was grateful to be there to comfort him and wipe his Kindergarten tears. He traveled half way across the country to learn the truth to come back to school and be fed a lie.

He had a long list of questions including, “Why do teachers lie so much.”

Classical Eurocentric indoctrination requires you to be ignorant. In fact the school we just left says that the children come into their school ignorant, until they give them culture, habits, and a #ChristCentered environment. Sick right?!


Classical Education is TOXIC !

The entire American school system is a problem, but Classical Education is a monster that needs to be taken down!

Blissfully Black

Wanna see America get uncomfortable REAL quick? Say #BLACK

Wear your ” I’m Black and I’m Proud” t-shirt.

(Black Vibe Tribe t-shirt)

Take your BLACKness to school, work, or your “diverse” church. Read black books, sing black hooks. When we say black why do they get so #shook ?

Listen. This is not an explanation. I repeat THIS IS NOT AN EXPLANATION. This is my declaration.


We Say BLACK (By Natalie Pipkin)

We say BLACK in effort to rebuild what society is trying to break

We say BLACK to shield our children from the negative images, words, connotations society has glued to our backs.

We say BLACK to uplift our spirits and undo the damage.

BLACK is a life raft while swimming in the sea of white supremacy that could so easily drown us.

BLACK is our vibranium. Uniquely ours. Imitated, never duplicated. Hated and God created.

We are BLACK and we will be. Across the Earth from sea to shining sea.
Don’t be afraid to just be….

Four Year’s, No🚫 Tears

Well it’s finally time to say goodbye.

No, this is not a postdated letter to Trump. Just a farewell letter to the prestigious, private, classical, Christian school we’ve been a part of for the past 4 years. While I have made many friends and acquaintances over the years, I am leaving with the same side eye I came in with.

I’m not sad, and I’m not mad either. I’m actually full of joy and peace. Thanking God for the revelations, wisdom, and courage to move on. As we wrap up the final full week of the school year, I’d like to share the top 3 revelations that influenced our decision to leave.

1. Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty.

You won’t find a community more loyal than the Laura Ingalls reading, pioneer loving, Indian costume wearing, classical education community. They love you until you don’t love it. The school that is.

2. When You Use Your Voice, You Lose Your Comfort.

Everybody was cool until I was like, “Yeah, so can we like put some black pictures on the wall, and maybe stop reading books that say darky? You know, since half the school is black and it’s not 1818.” ✌🏾🌍❤


3. The Classical Education Model Is Racist.

Period. It’s far worse than your traditional educational model. (I’ll explain in my next blog.)

I mean… I love cursive, and nature walks just as much as the next parent, but ya’ll can keep EVERYTHING else! Except Saxon math, 📚 we’re taking that with us. *slams door dramatically*

I have so much to say. Dedicating my next few blog post to the contradictory, “christian”, classical education world.

Mother, Mother

Raising our boys in this cruel world can be overwhelming at times. We’re not obsessed, but sometimes we hug them so tightly they can feel our thoughts.

Teary eyed grandma holding our 5 yr old.

We have the huge task of loving our black boys to life in a world that would rather they choke to death. I’m not obsessed, but sometimes #icantbreath at the thought of them growing up. When their cheeks turn into beards and their height stirs up unwarranted fear.


I often remind myself that I have not been given the spirit of fear. I have been granted the wisdom, the power, and strength to successfully prepare them to thrive when they are seen as a threat.

Daddy & our 2 boys.

I’m not obsessed, I just love them so deeply they can feel it in their bones. What a burden, a battle, and a blessing.

Andre’ our 8yr old son

Emmett & Mamie Till

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Diversity: Why I’m Over It.

I fell for it. Diversity fooled me!

I thought that paying tuition gave me a voice. I was confident that the intentional effort to bring us (black folks) in the school meant we would also be included in the lesson.

Racism in the books and tokenism is what we paid for. I’m not sure what was worse: the overtly racist literature in 2nd grade or the complete omission of Black people all together in 3rd grade.

My son asked me if Black people even existed in Indiana in the 1800’s! We did Son. We owned land, farmed, taught ourselves and fought for our lives. They don’t teach that part. Just a slave, a servant, “the help”, if anything at all.

I’m venting all over this blog. I’m so tired, sad, and frustrated that we’re having the same conversations with our boys that I had as child with my mom. I wasn’t OK then and I’m not OK now. This is why we homeschool! Another poem I wrote below.⬇⬇⬇

Diversity & Doom

By Natalie Pipkin 2018

Diversity brings Black bodies in classrooms, but shuts them out when the lesson begins.

Diversity still recites the lies of history and dismisses everything about me culturally.

Diversity was created to regulate not accommodate.

Diversity gives Black faces a seat at the table and leaves us starving.

Diversity cares more about who sits next to me, rather than who stands before me.

Diversity is an invitation for assimilation and disrupts any chance of cultural elevation.

Diversity brings in dollars, vouchers, but no real change.

Diversity is another stunt with a different name.

To be honest, we don’t need diversity. We need educational justice and cultural justice to set us free.

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